Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Start

I'm a fat kid in spirit. I always have been, and always will be. But that doesn't mean that I have to be a fat kid in body.

Two fat kids getting marriedWhen I got married, I weighed over 300 pounds. Life at that size is not pleasant. Nothing, including our physiology, is made for that much weight. I felt tired. I looked sloppy. Clothes didn't fit. I couldn't ride roller coasters. I was trapped in a cycle: I wanted to lose weight, but I thought I was too fat to exercise. It was a handy excuse. Not valid, but handy.

With my first job came my first bit of weight loss. It wasn't intentional, but it worked. Being up and moving around all day helped me lose my first 30 pounds. I didn't notice, at first, but already I was beginning to have more energy. I felt better, so I didn't figure I needed to do anything more.

Nothing changed until the summer of 2012. Kelly and I spent a month in Madrid. We didn't have a car, so we walked everywhere. It was tiring, but it felt so good after a day of hiking through the city. By the time we came back, we had both lost a little bit of weight, and realized how good that exercise made us feel. (It didn't hurt that Madrid is an amazing city!)

We decided in September to try to be healthier. We put ourselves on a diet. We began walking with a bit of jogging thrown in. It was awesome. Our weight was dropping, and we felt better physically, and better about ourselves.

The weight started dropping. Nothing sudden, but enough for us to notice.

As we begin this blog, we realize this is a long process, and have prepared ourselves for that. We will succeed. We know there will be stumbles along the way, but our end goal is to be fit and healthy, even if not an Adonis/Aphrodite. We'd love for our successes to help others in their struggles with weight.

If we can be successful, anyone can.

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